We Believe in the Power of Conversation as an Art.

At the end of every day, the most important thing is the pride we take in our work. Bold creative, thoughtful strategy, and clever advertising are our bread and butter. When it all comes together, the work tends to speak for itself.
about us
The Equality of Strategy and Creative.
We subscribe to a simple belief about the Advertising world: Strategy without Creative is empathy without art. Creative without Strategy is art without empathy. You must have both to truly appreciate either. We are duality. We are the left and right, the rock and the roll, the quiet and delicate and the raucous and provacative. We are who we need to be, at the center of Strategy and Creative and of Art and Empathy.
The Expertise of Specialization.
We believe that the best way we can serve our clients is to fundamentally understand their business inside out. We study. We listen. We see. We learn their pain points, their obstacles, their goals, their hopes and their dreams. We master who they truly, deeply are inside their industries of food, alcohol, cannabis or hospitality. Then we tell their story as only we know how.
The Home of Heart & Hustle.
At the end of the day, we know how lucky we are to do this work. Our grass is greener - and we don’t take that for granted. It keeps our hearts in the right place and our minds in the game. So we treat folks the way we want to be treated. We plan with gusto and we create with excellence, we go the extra mile, and at the end of the day, we celebrate knowing we did the best we could.

around the table

Kesha Alexander

favorite Supper
Spicy pizza with a side of broccoli and a glass of red wine.
Co-founder & Account lead

Kyle Drenon

favorite Supper
Foldy Pizza
Co-Owner & Communications Lead

Dustin Kirkpatrick

favorite Supper
The Last Supper by Da Vinci
Account Supervisor

Matt Greene

favorite Supper
Tacos Al Pastor
Creative Director

Brian Neyer

favorite Supper
Chicken Pot Pie
Account Director

Lane Nichols-Elliott

favorite Supper
Any meal with a theme
Senior Account Executive

Maddy Cushman

favorite Supper
Rainbow Peanut Noodles with Crab Rangoons
Art Director

Claudia O'Steen

favorite Supper
Potato Soup with a Little *Spice*
Art Director

Rylee Parrott

favorite Supper
Thin crust BBQ pizza
Account Executive

Sydney Arlt

favorite Supper
Pad Thai & Crab Rangoon
Graphic Designer

Duke the Dog

favorite Supper
Kibble with a side of peanut butter
Director of Optimism

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Get-togethers. Pow-wows. Tête-à-tête. Whatever you want to call it, we believe in the power of a good conversation with good people. We find nothing more satisfying than bringing those people together to create meaningful, lasting, inspiring creative that’s rooted in strategy. We’ve sat at the table with some of the largest food and beverage manufacturers in the world and toasted with some of the bravest craft creators in the country. And it all started with a conversation. We call it Supper.