Easy Mountain

Cannabis Dispensary

Take it Easy, Friend

Easy Mountain exists to serve, educate, and support their communities through the power of cannabis. They believe in being good neighbors, treating folks with respect, and lending a hand where they can.


Brand strategy | brand design | interior design | web design & development | Interior Design | Social Media Management

Easy on the Eyes

When we started working with Easy Mountain, one thing that stood out was their deep, deep roots in the Ozarks. Starting with a brand strategy session, we developed out the vision, voice and tone for the brand to begin telling that story. We refined out their history in the automotive, farming, and entertainment businesses in the Ozarks, and added a good dose of midwestern mysticism to top it all off.

telling the tale

As we began to wrap the brand story and visuals, we started on bringing it to life inside the dispensary. Bright skylights, murals and abundant plant life were all curated and installed to connect the feeling of the brand to the interior. The custom illustrations we provided have become an unmistakable brand element that differentiates Easy Mountain from any other dispensary in the area.

Peak Social content

Easy Mountain ain't no bunny slope, so we knew we had to create a plan to capture big personality that also stayed true to its Ozarkian origin. In addition to the graphic style present in the Easy Mountain brand, we focused on showing local people from all walks of life using the medicine they found on the Mountain. We wanted to break down the notion that cannabis users fit into the common stereotypes that surround the industry. This business serves everyone who seeks the healing powers of cannabis.

The road to easy mountain

Finally, we be brought the brand to life digitally. We researched, designed and developed a full e-commerce website for the dispensary with loyalty programs, playlists, on-going blog content and more.

Thank you,

Easy Mountain

We'd be drawing up plans for cool strain art and writing stories about Rick Simpson even if neither of us owned businesses. We love getting together around the table with these guys and brainstorming ways to tell the cannabis best stories and raise awareness about the plant. We appreciate your trust and partnership in creating such an incredible local brand.
Sincerely, Supper

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