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Point One supports high-performance motorsports professionals, enabling better results by maintaining absolute in-house control of design, manufacturing, and testing of critical components.




At the center of Point One is the ideal that there is always room for something to be perfected upon, even if it's an improvement of 0.1%. We built a brand that reflects that relentless pursuit of perfection. The Point One Logo was mathematically constructed as a flawless representation of the brand. It is timeless, but futuristic. The inline letterforms show technical consistency, while the outer forms are reminiscent of a race track. It smells like 90% nitromethane and tastes like space food. Building on the strong foundation of the logo, the color palette is simple and modern, yet reminiscent of classic race and motorsports culture. It presents a forward thinking and striking feeling, while remaining reliable and easy to use. The accompanying typography is inspired from Industrial era directional and transportation system signage — instilling a sense of trustworthiness in the sturdy, clean typeface. When all the pieces come together, they create a brand steeped in sleek precision and intentional craftsmanship, perfectly encompassing the ideals of Point One.


As we continued to build the Point One brand, we came to the task of creating packaging and additional pieces and parts to be representative of the products themselves. Packaging is the primary and most tactile way customers interact with the brand, so we recognized the importance in the details. Soft open and close boxes, satin finishes and high-end foam inserts to keep the products safe give a truly high-end and premium feel to the experience of receiving and utilizing the parts. From design, to materials, to the messaging: the name of the game is precision.

Bring precision to the people

With the brand and packaging coming to a close, it was time to bring Point One to the world. With the creation of a sleek, modern website we were able to communicate the capabilities of Point One in a way that was exciting and, dare we say, sexy. With a dark, sophisticated design, we were able to translate the high-end, cutting edge nature of Point One in a digital format with the same detail-oriented attention that went into the brand touchpoints before.

Thank you,

Point One

The Point One brand has been a practice in high-end details and finishes. We have thoroughly enjoyed flexing our skills with intentional, thoughtful design in every detail. If you ever need anything, we'll be there faster than Antron Brown in a Top Fuel car.
Sincerely, Supper

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